Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Testin' the limits of a dangerous force, you ended up dumb, famous, and gone.

I was having a Chappelle's Show marathon the other day when I fell in love with this song that Mos Def performed during one of the episodes. It's called "Close Edge", and is arguably one of the best songs I've heard from any genre. Sure, the music isn't exactly Mozart and the words are far from Shakespearian, but the overall composition of the piece is what makes it great, especially in this performance. Mos got me bobbing my head the entire time, and snapping my fingers to the beat.

I managed to get myself a digital copy of Mos Def's entire discography (including his work with Black Star, another Chappelle's Show favorite), and noticed a distinct characteristic in his music. While most hip hop artists write about their violent experiences on the street or in prison, Mos noticeably veers away from that kind of subject, only venturing in that area satirically. Needless to say, his music is really turning me on to hip hop. You should really check out his work. In fact, click the video above to see exactly what my hype is all about.

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