Thursday, July 5, 2012

WHO is in town?!

So something interesting happened here yesterday. Queen Sofia of Spain came to town! That's right, a real life royal here in our sleepy little town. At first I wondered what on earth she could possibly be doing in Legazpi City, but then my father explained to me that the Spanish government had funded quite a few schools and establishments here. She was just making the rounds to ensure that everything was still going smoothly.

As you can probably tell, I was completely unprepared for her arrival. I was actually just woken up by the marching band that serenaded her as she disembarked from the jet President Aquino lent her to get around. And seeing as I live right near the airport runway, I had a perfect view of the Queen (and the Presidential Security Group) from my bedroom window.

I tried to get photos of her when her parade passed by our house, but there were just too many people. I could hardly elbow my way through the throng of admirers and frankly, I was a little afraid that my camera would get stolen.

Still, it was exhilarating to think that someone as big of a deal as Queen Sofia was breathing the same air that I was. It was exciting, to say the least. But the best part of the day was when she and her entourage were making their way back to Manila. I sat on our balcony with some iced tea and popcorn, and gasped as the wind from the jet propellers slapped me hard across the face.

It was awesome.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Welcome Home, Boo!

Liam Payne aka Mah Boo is back home in England! He and the rest of One Direction were spotted departing  the Miami International Airport for England this morning, and arriving at Heathrow in London at around 5 pm.

Liam walking through the airport in Miami

So glad to see you wearing shoes, boo! And clutching a Harry Potter bag too! Probably brought home some goodies from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando for your family, eh? So sweet.

He even has a Homer Simpson doll! We are so compatible. *coughs*

Despite looking visibly jetlagged and exhausted upon arrival in London, Boo managed to flash a smile to the cameras. Looks like he took a nap on the plane too, since he's changed from his skinny jeans to a pair of his signature blue shorts.

He and the boys also reportedly took time to take photos with fans who greeted them at the airport with thunderous applause and chants of "Welcome Home, Boys". Good on ya, British Directioners! Clap for our boys, don't scream at them like those Yanks do.

With the boys back home in England, I look forward to the many shenanigans they'll be up to during their down time. I am a hundred percent positive that it'll all be sensational, especially once they're all holed up in London together.

Stay tuned. 

Original images courtesy of One Direction Philippines. Editing by yours truly.

So Anderson Cooper came out today...

I know. Huge shocker.

... and I don't know why this excites me. I mean, it's not like I'm a gay man trying to get with him, but this news truly does excite me. Anderson Cooper is probably one of, if not the most credible journalists on the scene today. He is part of the mainstream, so to speak, so for him to publicly acknowledge his long speculated homosexuality is, I think, a huge step towards helping laypeople come out of the closet.

I also know that he is not the first person to do it, by any means, but I think he is one of the more significant ones to do so. He has always avoided the topic in the past because he said he'd rather keep his personal life private, but I think this was a good move. It's just a shame he didn't do it on Pride Day. Ah, well. Here's a Pride Oreo for you, Anderson! You go, Anderson!

SPOTTED: Daddy Direction

Original image courtesy of Sugarscape. Editing by moi.

The totally gorgeous, incredibly talented, and unbelievably sweet (I HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM, OKAY?) Liam Payne of British boyband, One Direction, was spotted out and about in Florida yesterday. Paparazzi and screaming fans alike were outside their hotel waiting for the boys, and managed to snap up a few photos of them. There are a number of good photos of them floating about online, but this particular one caught my attention.

Yes, his hair looks amazing. And yes, his smile is bewitching. But if you look closer you'll notice that home boy is wearing... socks! I know. Big deal, right? Well, yes because it isn't the presence socks that's the shocking part, but the absence of SHOES! What's the deal, Liam? Are you starting some sort of trend here? Or is it just too hot in FL to wear shoes? Because there's an alternative type of footwear for that, you know. It's called flip-flops! Honestly, babe, you've gotta get this no-shoes thing outta your system. Who knows what your feet are picking up from the road? God forbid you encounter some stray glass or a shard of metal.

Here he is again, spotted at a McDonald's/gas station convenience store sans footwear. This is especially nasty because you know, it's a gas station.

Image sourced from various Tumblr blogs

Come on, Daddy D. You've got more sense than this. Snap out of it, please! And get your ass to a Havaianas store!

Up All Night with the boys who broke my heart

I think I may cry. Last night, British boyband sensation One Direction bid adieu to their first headlining tour in the US, "Up All Night", by having their final show in Tampa, Florida. The boys reportedly became very emotional during their final performance, with Harry Styles and Niall Horan sharing a very tearful embrace on-stage. After the show, Niall even took to Twitter to express his gratitude to their fans or "Directioners", as they are referred to, for sticking with them this past year.

That's when I lost it.

Seeing "Up All Night Tour", "UAN", and "#BestUpAllNightTourMoments" as trending topics on Twitter really irked me. Not because I'm not a fan of the boys, but because I was really bitter that the Philippines and the entire continent of  Asia, for that matter, were completely overlooked for their concert dates. I found it really unfair because 3 of the 6 countries that got their album to number 1 were in Asia, and their highest DVD tour sales were in Asia as well. The Official One Direction Fan Club in the Philippines was also the first EVER fan club to host a fan party, and the ONLY club to have a fan magazine published nationally. So I guess my question to One Direction is, what gives?

Now I'm not fooling myself into thinking that the band members themselves have any say regarding their concert venues, but the aformentioned statistics SHOULD give their management a clue that they have a huge following in places other than America, Australia, and the United Kingdom. There's a whole wide world beyond those countries, people. Think about that.

Now with this UAN tour out of the way, the boys are gearing up to produce their sophomore album, with plans of a new single to be released by September, and another headlining tour in 2013. So far, no dates have been confirmed in Asia AGAIN, but I am still hoping that Simon Cowell will get his head out of his ass and give US a taste of 1D.

If they ever do come to the Philippines, I hope they perform more than once and in places other than Manila. I know the PH isn't as big as the US, but international acts really need to learn that Manila is only one city in a country composed of 7107 islands.

That'll be the day.

Wi-Fi down: my life is over

Okay, so our internet has been down for about a week now, and I've been living off a totally unreliable portable broadband stick. I know, I should have taken this internet-less time to do things other than what I have been on my computer, but the truth of it is... I don't really want to.

We've all heard the jokes about the "loser" gamer geek who spends most of his days in front of a computer, living his life online and stowing away his social skills under a moldy pile of pizza boxes. Essentially, that is my life right now. I wake up, check my emails, post a tweet or two (or eight), then go down to join my family for lunch. After I've eaten my fill, I go back up to my bed to repeat aforementioned process, with 9Gag and DListed thrown in for good measure, until it’s time to eat supper again. Then it’s back to the computer where I'll do the same things over and over again, til my dad wakes up for work, and I have to sleep so I can avoid a scolding.

Yes, that is my life.

I haven't even left the house in two weeks. I might have forgotten how to talk to other people too. It's not exactly the high octane life I'd imagined for myself, but I can't say I'm complaining either. I'm in a good place right now, believe it or not, and I'm surrounded by good people. So before you click your tongue and feel sorry for me, let me just say, don't. It's not so bad here.

It's not so bad.

P.S. If you were wondering, I managed to accomplish my sleep plan last night. I slept at 11 pm, and woke up at 8 this morning. I've never felt more rested.