Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Welcome Home, Boo!

Liam Payne aka Mah Boo is back home in England! He and the rest of One Direction were spotted departing  the Miami International Airport for England this morning, and arriving at Heathrow in London at around 5 pm.

Liam walking through the airport in Miami

So glad to see you wearing shoes, boo! And clutching a Harry Potter bag too! Probably brought home some goodies from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando for your family, eh? So sweet.

He even has a Homer Simpson doll! We are so compatible. *coughs*

Despite looking visibly jetlagged and exhausted upon arrival in London, Boo managed to flash a smile to the cameras. Looks like he took a nap on the plane too, since he's changed from his skinny jeans to a pair of his signature blue shorts.

He and the boys also reportedly took time to take photos with fans who greeted them at the airport with thunderous applause and chants of "Welcome Home, Boys". Good on ya, British Directioners! Clap for our boys, don't scream at them like those Yanks do.

With the boys back home in England, I look forward to the many shenanigans they'll be up to during their down time. I am a hundred percent positive that it'll all be sensational, especially once they're all holed up in London together.

Stay tuned. 

Original images courtesy of One Direction Philippines. Editing by yours truly.

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