Thursday, July 5, 2012

WHO is in town?!

So something interesting happened here yesterday. Queen Sofia of Spain came to town! That's right, a real life royal here in our sleepy little town. At first I wondered what on earth she could possibly be doing in Legazpi City, but then my father explained to me that the Spanish government had funded quite a few schools and establishments here. She was just making the rounds to ensure that everything was still going smoothly.

As you can probably tell, I was completely unprepared for her arrival. I was actually just woken up by the marching band that serenaded her as she disembarked from the jet President Aquino lent her to get around. And seeing as I live right near the airport runway, I had a perfect view of the Queen (and the Presidential Security Group) from my bedroom window.

I tried to get photos of her when her parade passed by our house, but there were just too many people. I could hardly elbow my way through the throng of admirers and frankly, I was a little afraid that my camera would get stolen.

Still, it was exhilarating to think that someone as big of a deal as Queen Sofia was breathing the same air that I was. It was exciting, to say the least. But the best part of the day was when she and her entourage were making their way back to Manila. I sat on our balcony with some iced tea and popcorn, and gasped as the wind from the jet propellers slapped me hard across the face.

It was awesome.

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