Monday, January 30, 2012

That's a wrap! Sort of...

So I just finished editing and personalizing my blog layout. It's not the most original, I would say, because it's actually based on my Tumblr layout, but I really do love it. It took me hours of trial and error with the CSS, but I eventually reverted back to a stock option on Blogger called Travel. Fret not though, my friends, for this isn't my final one yet. I may just dabble in HTML and CSS coding a little further to see if I can't make my blog look truly unique.

What to Expect:
  • Loads of transparency. It's my version of the minimalist look.
  • Lots of yellows, blues, and pinks. An alternative would be lots of greens, silvers, and black.
  • A bokeh background, or something Slytherin-related. I haven't quite decided yet.
  • A customized header. Definitely.

So that's it. For now, I leave you with my default layout (seriously. I use it everywhere) and hope you stay tuned to see what I eventually pull out of my sleeve.

P.S. I got 12 views already! But sadly, no subscriptions yet. Anonymous internet people, y u no follow my blog?

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